Vienna… The Land of Art and Luxury


Amusement, music, entertainment and beauty are what Vienna stands for as it’s entitled the world’s most livable city for 4 years in row!!

Vienna is truly entertaining place due to its glorious history as well as museums and building of great heritage. Vienna also has the Danube River with vast gardens and parks on both its sides. Streets of Vienna are globally famous for Style and Luxury.

Its name, “Vienna”, came originally from the old Latin name “Vindobona” which means the fresh breeze. It’s ranked the 10th in terms of population among the European Union and it covers an area of 415 Km2 between Alp and Carpathian Mountains.

Vienna Airport

Vienna Airport

When the Iraqi Airways aircraft land on the land of Vienna Airport, the most exciting trip to Austria begins! Why not! There are lots of excitement, astonishment and beauty for its visitors to explore. Vienna Airport annually serves millions of passengers and it’s only 18 Km away of the city.

Once you are out of the airport, no difficulties are there concerning going anywhere you want downtown. Vienna has wide variety of easy and comfortable public transportations which works24/7 to provide you with all needed facilities. You can take a bus from the airport using Vienna Card that makes transportation around the city so easy. Vienna Card provides an economic solution for the visitor as its holder can use all public transportation means unlimitedly for 24, 48 or 72 hours according to the card type.



Downtown Vienna

It is an area that is always vivid and hyperactive as it’s the *f the Austrian capital Vienna. It’s also known as the “old downtown” being an ideal model for the modern city with its full bustle and vitality. Moreover, it is a site that contains many important historical buildings reflecting the long history of Austria and Vienna in particular.

St. Stenphen’s Cathedral stands in the center of the city, while Hofburg palace, the official residence of the Austrian president, is nearby. Hofberg is also the place of many art galleries, cultural seminars and international conferences.

Besides those buildings, there’s Austrian National Library (National bibliothek) – also known as “Imperial Library”. Many museums and ancient high archaeological buildings are standing there to formulate a scene that blends masterpieces of modern architecture and lavish of the old classic-style buildings. In downtown, tourists also can find the Opera House building, which consolidates Vienna’s cultural leadership role. Vienna Opera House is one of the world’s most important and famous operas that have wonderful artistic presentations.

Nearby this square that is adorned with glorious and important buildings, one of the best Austria hotels at all is there. It’s Imperial Vienna which was built to be the residence of Royal Family, and then it turned into a hotel in 1873.

The hotel is famous for its unique services and excellent classical frontage, as well as the numerous valuable antiques. The hotel hosts many of/kings, presidents and heads of countries all over the world, being the first choice for VIP visitors of Vienna.

Schonbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn Palace

The palace is the first place to go if you’re tradition and authenticity fan, It consists of 1441 rooms; each of them has its breathtaking charm and secrets to tell. Schonbrunn Palace Offers a special program for its visitors taking them between lobbies and ancient palace suites, Guides tell what the ruins of this great edifice carry. They reveal memories of the Empress Maria Theresa and her sixteen children as the palace was her summer residence. A special fun is there for kids as they are able to wear the clothes of princes and princesses; the matter that adds more uniqueness to the place. That’s not all the palace has!!

There’s an adjoining zoo which is considered the oldest in the world. It has been built for more than 250 years. You can wander inside its corners exploring more than 600 endangered species of animals!

Relaxation and Entertainment

Vienna in winter

Besides the historical and cultural richness of Vienna, its geographical is really unspeakable. The mountains, flowing Danube River downtown and the vast green spaces, nature make Vienna a perfect place for relaxation and entertainment. Among its various parks, the most famous parks are Stadtpark and Volksgarten. If you’re a fan of blue color and crystal-clear water, you can plan your voyage to Danube River, nicknamed “Capitals River” as it passes capitals of Austria, Slovakia Hungary and Serbia. Danube River has a wide variety of options available as you can enjoy the beaches Danube Island which extends to 42 kilometers long and annually hosts approximately 3 million visitor. We recommend visiting the old Danube reign where visitors can find parks, gardens and restaurants overlooking the river as well as sailboats.

Shopping in the Streets of Fashion and Style


For shopping fans and those who have fun visiting stores of all kinds, they can visit “Mariahilfer” Street as it includes the largest number of branded clothing stores, in addition to leather products and accessories.

For these who loves Oriental atmosphere, they should go Brunnenmarkt Street that is widely popular among traditional industries d bandicrafts fans, as well as oriental takeaway food fans. There is also a Viktor-Adler Markt which is Vienna’s oldest market. It has paved booths and lanes that are located in narrow streets. Restaurants, there, serve all types of food such as local, Turkish, Greek and Indian sold.

For Jewelry, luxury and global brands fans, we recommend visiting “Golden U” as it has many stores which forma big U letter downtown Vienna. There is also a “Golden Quartier” which is considered the golden shopping center having all the charm of Fashion and Style.

With all its charm and originality, Vienna aptly deserves to be “The World’s best Livable City”! It’s deservingly one of the most famous tourist destinations that Iraqi Airways accesses.

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