Venice… The Legend of Attraction


Often called the City of Canals, Venice is not only one of Italy’s best city to visit, it is also one of the world’s most romantic places to visit. Venice is also located a short distance away from Verona, the hometown of the historic star- crossed couple Romeo and Juliet. The beautiful atmosphere, architecture, and artworks add to the charm of Venice, which Is also a World Heritage Site as declared by UNESCO.

The City of Romance and Luxury

The luxury aspect of Venice is evident with the numerous hotel and restaurant options available to visitors. If traditional and classic luxury appeals to you, then The Gritti Palace is the place to be! The 15th century former palazzo features a lot of its original elements like wooden ceilings and entrance flooring. Murano glassworks dot the lobby, evoking the intimacy of a noble residence of antiquity. The Terrazza Redodente Suite would be our pick, spread over two stories and boasting a 250 sq m terrace as well.

A separate elevator offers complete privacy for guests, right into the living room that features artistic elements and precious furnishings. The rooftop terrace connects to the apartment by way of an internal spiral staircase and is home to a pool that overlooks the Grand Canal. When in the city of romance, it would be a mistake to not eat at some of the most romantic restaurants the city has to offer. The Terrazza restaurant at the Hotel Danieli has long been one of the city’s elite. Not only is the menu inspirational, but the rooftop restaurant also offers sumptuous views of Venice, making it a treat for the senses. The Lineadombra restaurant is also located outdoors and is famous for their fresh seafood dishes. Another charmingly romantic destination is the Ristorante Riva Rosa, which is hosted in a typical buranella-style house on the Venetian island of Burano.


Touristic Sites in Venice

The Basilica di San Marco is usually on top of sightseeing lists. The magnificent cathedral awes with its impressive exteriors and ornate mosaic interiors. For the best aerial view of Venice, visit either the Campanile di San Marco or the Campanile di San Giorgio. The artistically inclined would surely love visiting the Penny Guggenheim museum, which houses works by some of the 20th century’s greatest artists. Of course, it goes without saying that a romantic gondola ride is obligatory.

Touristic Sites in Venice

Venice Carnival

February in Venice sees the arrival of the annual carnival. Revelers dressed in traditional costumes and the signature Venetian masks make merry and celebrate this centuries-old festival. This Valentine’s Day, a grand masquerade ball is definitely a new and unique way to celebrate. Located in the Palazzo Flangini – a prestigious Venetian palace along the Grand Canal, the masquerade ball offers an evening to remember. Opulent costumes, talented artistic displays, and improvised performances await guests. A delectable gala dinner, along with candlelit Venetian-style settings and live music are all part of the evening. To enhance the experience, VIP tickets are also available for those Venice Carnival who wish to enjoy a whole new level of service. It is impossible to not fall in love with the city of Venice and all that it is known for.

Venice Carnival

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