Top Tips for Exploring Washington, DC


Getting Around DC

City Layout

The city is organized into four quadrants with north-south numbered streets, east-west lettered streets and diagonal streets named after u.s. States.

International Tour Guides

For information on finding an international tour guide in your language, visit the website of the guild of professional tour guides at

Transportation Options

The most popular ways to get around the city include the Metrorail, Metrobus and Circulator buses, taxis, biking and walking.

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5 Important Things to Know

1. Carry id to bars. Bars and clubs may require an id or passport to confirm your age.

2. Age 21 to drink. The legal drinking age is strongly enforced.

3. Tipping. It is customary to tip waiters, bartenders, hotel assistants, taxis and other service employees 15-20% for good service.

4. Local tax rates: 5.75% sales tax; 10% on restaurant meals, alcohol and rental cars; 18% parking; 14.5% hotel accommodations.

5. Average temperatures: Winter (4°c), Spring (10°c),Summer (25°c), and Fall (16°c).