Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Dubai


Today, Dubai is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Dubai is an impressive city that combines the magic of multiple cultures and the splendor of architecture, history, modernity and luxury in one spot.

To enjoy your visit to Dubai, there is some basic information that you must know before you travel to it.

Climate and Weather

Dubai’s climate is semi-tropical. The weather is sunny on and the sky is blue most of the year. Dubai’s desert climate is mild during winter, but very hot in summer. Temperatures during the summer months reach 40 degrees Celsius during the day, while they decrease to 30 degrees Celsius during the night hours with humid breezes. Humidity in Dubai is often high.

You should prepare for this atmosphere by taking comfortable summer clothes, hats, sunglasses, moisturizing creams and sunscreen and not staying for a long time on the beach or in the sun, and drink plenty of water.

The best time to visit Dubai is from mid-October to the end of March when the climate is temperate. And the busiest time is between December and February, due to the mild weather and being part of the celebrations and the Dubai Shopping Festival.

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There are many hotels in Dubai ranging from standard hotels to luxury hotels. One or two-star hotels offer clean rooms with standard services at a low cost, while 3-star hotels offer additional facilities such as swimming pools, health centers, and shuttle services.

Hotels in Dubai, in general, are not cheap, especially at the center, so you should search well in the websites to get the best offers.

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Metro of Dubai

Dubai has an advanced public transportation system. The metro operates from 5:50 am until 23:00 pm, and closes on Friday morning. Prices for metro tickets range from 1.80 to 5.60 AED.

Using public buses will give you the opportunity to enjoy the sights of the city at a low cost as the price is approximately 4.10 AED for the trip, but you should pay attention to the fact that there are no night buses. Note that the front of the bus is intended only for families and women.

There is a standard card for both the metro and buses that you can buy from the metro stations.

The use of a taxi will definitely be faster and more comfortable, but it will be more expensive. Taxi is available everywhere in Dubai, or you can order it via the mobile app.


exclusive brands dubai mall min

Dubai stands out as the shopping capital of the world where you can find all the great brands and malls. Malls are many in Dubai and offer many sales offers at different times of the year. You can also enjoy the entertainment activities that are held in these centers around the year.

On the other hand, do not forget to visit the gold and jewelry market, local public markets and popular markets from which you can obtain goods at reasonable prices, after bargaining, of course.

The annual Dubai Shopping Festival is also one of the best shopping festivals in the world, so try to reconcile the date of your visit with the time of your stay to do great deals.


dubai food

In Dubai, you can choose from a variety of fine restaurants serving Emirati, Japanese, Italian, Mexican and Indian cuisine. In addition to restaurants that serve halal meals and those that serve popular cuisine. There are many options, but you should pay attention to the fact that most restaurants are closed at 1:00 AM.

Your Personal Safety in Dubai

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Dubai is a city with a high level of safety, but if you experience abuse or theft, you can call the police at 999 and they will respond to your request within minutes. If you want to report a fire, you can call 997.

In case you experience sudden health problems, you can call immediate help at 998. For non-emergency situations such as traffic inquiries or complaints and suggestions, and even inquiries about general information such as the address or website, you can call 901.

When you want to swim in the sea, you should make sure to have a red flag on the beach, which is an indication that swimming is very dangerous at that time.

For your safety and to ensure that you are not stolen or deceived, try to spend your money in the hotel, banks, Malls or ATMs and do not do so in unknown offices.

Traditions and laws

Although Dubai is an excellent tourist city, it still maintains many customs and traditions that must be respected. Do not wear swimming suits on the way to the beach, do not wear exposed clothing and men must always wear shirts.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in government buildings, shops, and shopping malls.

Taking pictures of women or men without permission is illegal. You are also not allowed to take pictures of airports and government buildings.

Mobile SIM

touris sim card in dubai

It is not recommended during travel to use the rooming service because it is very expensive. Therefore, it is preferable when you arrive in Dubai to buy a local SIM card. There are two main companies in Dubai that you can buy a SIM card from, Etisalat and Du. You can buy a SIM from malls, supermarkets, and airports. You will need to show your passport when purchasing.


The electricity service is very stable in Dubai, and it is rare for you to experience a Blackouts. The voltage in Dubai is 220 volts. The electrical sockets used in Dubai are triple sockets and not dual, so you should take that into consideration.



The average income in Dubai is very high, so giving a tip is optional and rare.

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