Sirince Village, Izmir


Sirince is one of the most beautiful villages of Turkey deserves to be devoted a full day during your visit to Izmir in Turkey, it is a beautiful and quiet place away from the crowd of the city.
Sirince is a village of Izmir Province on the western coast of Turkey. The distance between Izmir’s center and the village is about 80 km. The tourist season in the village is the summer season, but it can be visited at any time of the year due to its moderate weather.

How to go to Sirince

You can go to Sirince Village using public transportation. Initially, you can take the domestic train -it is called locally (Izban)- from Izmir city center to Tepekoy station, then you have to go to the opposite pier to take a second train to Selcuk station. The distance between the two stations is approximately 20 minutes, but the road passes through beautiful scenery that make you not feel the time. The cost of the trip by train is approximately 7 TL using the transportation card.
When you arrive at Selcuk Station, you have to walk a short distance (approximately 10 minutes) to reach the minibus station that goes to Sirince Village. These buses are called locally (Dolmus). The cost of the bus is approximately 5 TL.

The atmosphere in the village is different from the rest of Izmir. The village is famous for selling various spices at 5 TL per cup, and fresh fruit with delicious taste.

The History

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Among the most famous historical places in the village is the Church of Saint John the Baptist, whose construction dates back to 1805. In the middle of the church, there is a statue of the Virgin Mary in the middle of a small fountain, in which visitors used to throw cash in order to fulfill their wishes.

The original inhabitants of the village were Greek, and after the war between Turkey and Greece, most of the residents were forced to leave the village. However, the village is keeping the Greek atmosphere and culture, which includes churches and the manufacture of alcoholic drinks as a result of being a village where known for the cultivation of fruits that are a basic material in the manufacture of these drinks.


Village restaurants are simple and their food is delicious. One of the most famous of these restaurants is (Ozlem Restoran), where you can eat its famous and delicious dish (Gozleme), where you can choose the type of filling you like (minced meat, eggplant, cheese, potatoes, etc.). The price of this dish is 15 TL, and you can have it with a cup of tea at 4 TL.


When you walk in the village markets, you can buy some souvenirs and accessories whose price ranges between 5-10 TL, while the prices of the bigger handmade crafted are 25 TL or more.

Your day in Sirince will be long and you will need to walk a lot to explore the markets and back streets of the village where you will see different types of animals, so try to wear suitable footwear.


If you like the village and love to spend the night there, you will find that there are a number of old houses that have been converted into hotels.

More to see in sirince