Passage Markiz… The Best Part of a Dream in Istanbul


Pera, the elegance of 19th Century Istanbul, Passage Oriental of Pera, with a history starting from 1840s. It is called the Passage Markiz today.

Offering you a dream that you would like to have forever, with excellent restaurants bringing various tastes from all around the world and cafés and bars to have a break from daily life. This precious building, hosting numerous shops for 163 years, is now embracing today’s brands, without losing her historical structure and bringing another dimension to your shopping pleasure.

If you are ready for a time travel, and reaching today through the corridors of history, the marvelous Passage Markiz is ready to welcome you.

Come to Beyoğlu now… The best part of a magical Istanbul dream will be waiting for you.

Istiklal Caddesi No. 360 Beyoğlu, Istanbul.