Make Your Flight Easy and Stress-Free


Travelers often face disturbance and embarrassing situations on a plane. It may be unintentional, or because of the lack of experience with travel requirements on the planes’ board. Have you ever encountered an awkward situation, like sitting in a plane next to a person who never stops talking, interferes in your privacy, and asks you about personal matters which you don’t like to discuss with strangers ? The result is you will wait until you reach your destination and breathe a sigh of relief, and this is of course after you have missed the joy of watching the beautiful sceneries while you were up in the sky, or resting during your flight. Many may be exposed to such situations, but it is important for you to know that as a traveler you have the right to set boundaries to your personal space. Some try to test the feeling of their neighbors in the next seat by not taking into account the hand position or the area assigned for every passenger, others open subjects to chat and discuss topics that could be irritating. There is also people who want to narrate the stories of their life to you and show off their experience in life and work. To avoid such situations, you can do little and simple things that will leave an annoying trip behind.

Recommendations for a comfortable flight The first thing we recommend you is to read a book or magazine occupy your time.  You may as well listen to music through headphones, then the talkative neighbor will realize you won’t be able to hear him, or get busy with watching a movie, reading a book, or, in worst cases, pretend to sleep ! It is worth noting that the first step to avoid such situations starts on land, and that is through booking and choosing the seat. You may choose a comfy seat, according to the place you prefer, and avoid the seats at the back of the plane, or those close to the wings, and those close to the restrooms, as these places mean you will suffer from noise, and you will be prone to collisions with passengers during your entire journey, especially with those who aren’t concerned with other people’s presence. The best seats are those at the front row, or the nearest to the plane’s exits, especially for those who are tall. The seat overlooking the plane’s inner corridor gives you better space for your legs, while the seat next to the window offers a better place to sleep. You must keep in mind that some airlines ‘ prices vary according to the seat’s place.

For a smooth flight Perhaps the most important factor in a comfy travel is “travelling light”, which is carrying only one bag to step into the plane with it must be of a good weight, where you can pack everything you might need during your flight. We also advise to not drink soda during your flight, and for those who suffer from ear congestion can chew a gum to deal with altitude changes and its effect on ears. Another way to get rid of plane’s pressure and fatigue is by opening the air vent above your seat all the time, and keeping a small wet towel on your forehead to avoid dryness. For female travelers, it is strictly advised to carry hand and face moisturizers along with the small makeup case that fits inside handbags. In a long distant flight, we recommend carrying your own small pillow, and don’t forget our dear traveler to write your name and contact number on your bag, to help returning it in case you forgot it in the plane. Finally, we wish you a relaxing flight.