Best Price to Book a Hotel

Hostelworld is the world’s leading hostel-focussed online booking platform, with more than ten million reviews across 36,000 properties in more than 170 countries. The website and app operates in 19 different languages. Hostelworld travellers are a unique, passionate breed; they want to see the world, make new connections and crave the adrenaline of new adventures. They want to Meet The World, and it’s the social nature of hostels that turbo-charges their journeys and creates unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap hotel in London, Paris or Las Vegas or a hostel in Amsterdam, New York, Sydney or thousands more destinations worldwide, we can provide a great selection of cheap accommodation to fit your budget and expectations.

Hostels are designed to reduce costs: bathrooms are shared, toiletries aside from hand soap and toilet paper are not provided, and if there is a free breakfast it will probably be skimpy and require you to wash your dishes. Many hostels cut costs in other ways too, for instance, by charging extra for towel rentals, requiring guests to make their own beds, or closing during the day and not letting guests back in until later in the afternoon.

Usually, inside the hostel you’ll find a range of facilities including Internet access, common room with TV, parking, lockers and free city maps.

Some hostels even have scheduled social events for any interested guests!