Grand Central Terminal … The Masterpiece of New York


Grand Central Terminal (GCT) is one of the most important historical monuments in New York City, it is not only a transportation center, but a destination for shopping, dining and cultural activities with 60 stores and 35 places to eat and many events.

GCT is located at the intersection of Park Avenue and 42nd Street in the center of Manhattan, and it can be easily reached on foot, by subway, by bus, or by Metro-North train.

GCT is City’s unofficial meeting place with thousands of people choosing to meet friends and loved ones each day at the opal-faced Main Concourse Information Booth Clock.

GCT is open daily from 5:30 am to 2:00 am, but there be slight differences in the operating times of different stores.

GCT has appeared in many TV shows and movies, like (Superman (1978), Midnight Run (1988), Unfaithful (2002), Men in Black 2 (2002), Taxi (2004), Old Dogs (2009), The Switch (2010), The Avengers (2012), Broken City (2013), and many more…). Your visit to this terminal will make you live in the atmosphere of these films.

The Avengers (2012)
The Avengers (2012)

If you are visiting New York City as a tourist or you are traveling on the bustling and crowded Grand Central Terminal, you can only feel the excitement when walking in this magnificent building. Just look at the vaulted ceiling and you will be amazed by its beauty. And if you’re hungry, there are so many great places to eat there.

No two persons disagree on the beauty and charm of this place, but it is getting more beautiful in the days before the Christmas. The Christmas decoration that spreads in every corner and the sounds of the distinctive Christmas songs make your visit unforgettable.

Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal at Night

If you only have one day in New York City then the GCT must be on your to do list.

Grand Central Terminal:


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