Enjoy “Tax-Free Shopping” in Istanbul


Istanbul is a unique city that continues to fascinate the world over 2000 years. While exploring this magnificent metropolis you will be surprised to also discover that Istanbul has become “a shopper’s paradise”.

Istanbul has all the major international brands on sale at the prestigious boutiques and department stores and has several shopping districts and shopping malls offering a wide range of products and worldwide known labels, in addition to famous local brands. You will be amazed with the vast variety and attractive prices you can find in Istanbul. Here, prices are not only excellent but at most of these prestigious stores, with Global Refund’s tax free offer you can buy the same goods and brands you would buy at home without tax at great bargains!

Global Refund Tax Free Shopping

You will find the “Global Refund Tax Free Shopping” logo at the entrance or in the windows of the stores, another symbol of quality and reliability of Istanbul shops and a logo full of advantages. Any visitor with residence outside of Turkey of any nationality, even Turkish citizens living abroad are entitled to VAT Refund for purchases made during their visit. There are 3 easy steps to claim your VAT Refund and do not forget to ask your Global Refund tax-free invoice when shopping. Save money while enjoying a pleasant and surprising shopping opportunity in Istanbul.

Your Refund 3 Easy Steps

Shopping… Shop where you see the Global Refund TAX FREE SHOPPING SIGN and simply ask for your taxrefund cheque.

Authorizing… Show your purchases, receipts and passport to customs officials and have your Global Refund cheques stamped.

Refunding… Collect your refund in cash at our nearby Cash Refund Office or mail the cheque to Global Refund for a bank cheque sent to your address or direct crediting of your credit card.

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