Bigger Isn’t Always Better


Many people have understandably put their 2020 vacation plans on pause due to Covid-19 concerns. The CheapAir Team has also discovered a lot of us are using this leisure-travel down time to plan and dream about where we’ll go as soon as it’s safe. Others of us are adjusting plans, but still out there safely adventuring. Here’s a few of the travel trends we’re seeing in the new, socially-distanced vacation landscape.Has anyone else noticed friends and family skipping the “go big or go home” vacation destinations this year? With Broadway in New York shuttered, and the over-the-top amusement parks and professional sports still figuring it all out, we’re seeing a lot of people visiting small towns and quaint locales that oftentimes get overlooked by their big city counterparts. Not only are small town destinations great for slowing down and reconnecting with your loved ones, they’re also often spots that have walkable downtowns, hiking trails and outdoor spaces for al fresco dining and picnicking. There might be less high-end accommodation available depending on how remote you decide to get, but it’s all part of the adventure!

Maybe off-grid is a little too aggressive a move for most of us but we’re finding that multi-generational family gatherings are happening, albeit in less populated areas around the country. One popular idea is to take a larger family vacation together on one of the many lakes around the country or on a less commercial beach. Basically, somewhere you can all get together and not feel pressure to “do” stuff, unless it’s a nice game of cards, a chat with your grandpa or a hammock hang with a couple of cousins. Getting the family together has never sounded so attractive.

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