Abant Lake in Bolu


Abant Lake is located about 34 km southwest of the Turkish city of Bolu in the west of the Black Sea region, and is exactly halfway between Ankara and Istanbul.

Abant has amazing natural beauty, fresh water and a wonderful place, as it is surrounded by a beautiful green forest and water lilies floats on its surface. All this made it one of the most popular destinations in Turkey for local and foreign tourists all year round.

The lake is located at an altitude of 1328 meters, and it is a lake fed by underground water with a depth of about 45 meters.

Abant Lake
Abant Lake

Trekking, hiking, sport fishing, nature walks and horseback riding are some of the many activities for enjoying the lake area. And if you want to stay for a few days next to this lake, there are a large number of hotels that you can stay in it. Also, it will be an interesting idea to try camping in one aspect of the forest.

Thousands of visitors visit the lake during the summer days, so you will find large numbers of families who come with their food to the lake to spend the day there. And you will find barbecue in all areas of the lake. As for the winter, the lake becomes a hub for skiing enthusiasts.