A Superior Camping Experience in Karagöl Yaylası, Sakarya


Karagöl Yaylası which means “Karagol Plateau” in English, is located in the south of Sakarya state in Turkey. It is around 88 KM to the south. It takes about one hour and 14 minutes to be there.

If you are coming from Sakarya-Geyve, you have two options: either turn to Doğantepe road and come from Doğancıl village road (although it is not bad there are bad places, but the view is much more beautiful) or follow the signs after passing Taraklı.

Saka Kara

If you are coming from Istanbul, you turn to Bilecik Antalya direction over Sakarya and enter Geyve Taraklı road. Average 35km from the turnoff. It is on average 235km from Istanbul. It takes about three hours and 28 minutes to be there.

IST Kara

There you can find a natural quiet lake with small water tributaries from nearby springs. Landscapes are located between the top of two large green mountains.  The road for this place is paved, just a tiny piece of it not paved near the lake. Since there is no public transportation to Karagöl Yaylası, so the best way to go there is by personal car or renting a car from the center of Sakarya city.

Usually, only a few people camp in this place, so the place is suitable for quiet trips and relaxation because it is not famous and few residents of Sakarya know about it. Just the surrounding villagers know this place well and they come there during the nation’s Turkish holidays to visit and some of them for camping.

The sceneries in Karagöl Yaylası is breathtaking, and it is suitable for taking photos or videos. Each season offers different beauties. Your Instagram followers will be amazed by your photos. Moreover, you will have a great opportunity to enjoy fishing Carp fish, which is available in this lake.

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Things you should know about Karagöl Yaylası

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  • There are no facilities in the area, do not forget to bring your food and drinks.
  • The lake contains a natural water source for a drink or other uses directly from the springs. The water of this spring is frigid, just like from the refrigerator.
  • For your safety, swimming is forbidden in the lake.
  • The necessary cleaned WC and detergents are available there.
  • There is a small covered praying room (For the Muslims community).
  • Camping fees are $3 per night for a single tent and around $3 for Vehicle entrance.
  • Fire and barbecue are allowed inside.
  • The barbeque is one of the main activities there and it is very easy to get dry woods to start your party.
  • The place is very calm, beautiful, and isolated, but there is no good network coverage. Enjoy your time with your partners.
  • There is no electricity there. Take a torchlight and a power bank with you.

Essential things and equipment for a good camping

  • You will experience all four seasons on the same day. It would be best if you were prepared for any weather changes, especially in this place, because it could rain at any time. Also, at night the weather is cold and the temperature is low, even in the middle of summer, such as July. So, a temperature isolator sleeping bag is recommended.
  • It may rain any time, so your tent should be waterproof to isolate the rain.
  • We suggest that you take an excellent ax to gather firewood. You will have a lot of fun cooking the fish you will fishing.
  • Good camping clothes will be better if they are available; if not, you can buy them from the center of Sakarya city at reasonable prices.
  • You will need plates, spoons, knives, and cooking utensils for those who wish.

Fishing experience


Carp fish are available in the lake for fishing but in small sizes. The fishing hooks on depth one to two meters will be a good option for fishing. Corn kernels are the main bait for the fish there in the hooks. Note: it will be better if the fish-hook string is without a buoy for better fishing.

Things to do in Karagöl Yaylası

  • Fishing, there are many carps in the lake.
  • Take a Sunbathe. 
  • It is a suitable place for walking and jogging.
  • Hike and explore the nearby forest.
  • Gather firewood.
  • Cook awesome food.
  • Watch the sunset, the stars at night, and the sunshine in the early morning.
  • Draw, paint, write, read a book, take photos, or play music.
  • Play volleyball or badminton.
  • Play truth or dare with your partners.
  • Play cards with friends.
  • If you take dog food with you, there are dogs on the plateau, you will be happy for the creatures there.

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