5 Things You Have to Know Before You Travel to Singapore




English is the spoken language, though Singlish – a collection of colloquial catchphrases and lingo – dominates everyday conversations among locals. Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and various other dialects are also used.



Register for free public Wi-Fi service with your foreign mobile number at any Wireless@SG hotspot across Singapore, and receive your login details via an SMS message. Overseas charges may apply. Alternatively, you can rent a pocket Wi-Fi device at Singapore Visitor Center (orchardgateway) or Changi Recommends at Changi Airport.

SIM Card

sim card

Buy a Singapore prepaid SIM card from Singapore Visitor Center (orchardgateway), Changi Recommends and telecommunication retail shops located at the airport, major shopping malls and convenience stores island-wide.



For a pleasant shopping experience, compare prices, inquire about refund policies, and check the invoice as well as the warranty of the product before making a purchase. More information and shopping tips can be found on the Consumer Advisory section at YourSingapore.com (under “Traveller Essentials”).



It is not usual practice to tip in Singapore, although it is appreciated by service staff. Most hotels and restaurants quote price as “++,” which includes 10% service charge and 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

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