5 Best Burger in Salt Lake, Utah


Utah is a burger – loving state, and though there are many new and notable restaurants Serving cutting – edge cuisine in the city, you shouldn’t leave town without a taste of our burger culture Styles range from local chains, like Hires Big H, Crown Burgers and IceBerg, to the gourmet . Pretty much every restaurant has its Own, special burger. These are five of the best.

The Burger Bar

pastrami swiss burger

Lucky 13 won first place for burgers in the World Food Championships in Las Vegas last year with its specially concocted Spicy Candied Cajun Burger. You can choose from the regular menu of 11 burgers , ranging from the foot – tall * Big Benny ” ( right ) with its 28 ounces of ground chuck to the Ring of Fire topped with jalapenos and habaneros to the Fungus Amongus, featuring mushroorns sauteed in red wine . With so many choices, you’re bound to find one you like – finishing it is another matter. Of course, you’ll eat it with a local brew or High West Whiskey. lucky13slc.com

The Artisan Burger

Pago BDoran 1100

Scott Evans ‘ little cafe, Pago, has been at the forefront of 1 Salt Lakes local and artisanal food movement. That doesn’t mean the menu is full of esoterica. In fact, its burger 15 one of the restaurant’s most famous dishes. This intense planned sandwich holds a patty of fresh Niman Ranch beef topped with Gruyere caramelized onions, black garlic aioli, local bacon and house – pickled red onion. Wine expert Evans will be happy to find the perfect pairing from his list or by the glass from his Cruvinet. pagosle.com

The Family Burger

tonyburgers singlesmalltonywithbacon

Three beef cuts – sirloin, chuck and brisket – are ground together and patted into several size burgers, depending on your appetite, from 1/3 pound to the “tiny” Tony for tots, Tonyburgers is also the place for a full – on American burger meal: Milkshakes here are made to order with real scoops of ice cream and the award – winning French fries are hand – cut and twice fried. tonyburgers.com

The Gourmet Burger


Parisiennes are eating as many burgers than baguette sandwiches. And here in Salt Lake one of our best burgers comes from a French restaurant. The burger at The Paris Bistro is perfect: toasted bun, 8 oz. of Utah grass – fed open range sirloin Cooked medium rare, topped with Gruyere, fresh lettuce nad tomato and comes with genuine pommes frites.

The Garlic Burger

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Garlic burgers are a Salt Lake favorite and motorcycle themed diner Guzzi’s Vintage Burgers makes them the old – fashioned way, right before your eyes with lots of Irish, chopped garlic right on the griddle That means this is not fast food, but these burgers are worth the brief wait Not everything is old – school – try the Kevin Bacon Burger with blue cheese and fries with Wasabi sauce. Of course, you can have that Utah standard, fry sauce, too.

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