10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Greece


If you have not visited Greece before, you have missed seeing a lot between attractions, charming islands and a wonderful civilization, so why not turn the itinerary of your next trip to this beautiful country to get to know it closely, but before you start with this information.

  1. Before traveling to Greece, you must know that you will eat healthily more than ever, compared to any other tourist destination, the Greek people are known for being one of the healthiest people on earth, because this European country is famous for healthy foods, especially the Greek salad that You’ll find it on lunch tables at least once a day if not twice, not to mention seafood which is among the staple Greek foods.
  2. Greece is an economic country, and this is what you will definitely feel especially in Athens, and this applies to food and daily transportation, and you will also find great deals on shopping, compared to other European capitals.
  3. Greece is a safe country, as policemen are always roaming to ensure the stability of the situation, and this applies to cities as well as islands as well, where reports confirm that the crime rate has decreased significantly, and it is rare.
  4. There are about 2000 islands in Greece, and we advise you to try the island of Santorini for an incredible view of the sunset that you rarely find on other islands around the world.
  5. Make sure to carry in your travel bag comfortable shoes to enable you to walk around without getting bored, and as for the type of clothes you will need, it depends on your travel at any time of the year, but mostly Greece is warm and a little humid even in the evening, so you will not need a lot of clothes heavy duty. And don’t forget to leave room in your bag for some fun souvenirs and maybe a little olive oil.
  6. Bike rental is common in Greece, and don’t worry, it’s relatively cheap, and will allow you to see a lot of sights and attractions that are spread across different cities.
  7. In Greece most people speak English, and in fact it is useful and makes your trip more enjoyable, as you will be able to communicate and interact everywhere without barriers or obstacles.
  8. Most shops in Greece are specific when it comes to prices, so even bargaining is not a normal feature of public life. Tipping isn’t necessary anywhere, restaurant bills include service charges, but it’s okay if you want to show off your food and service with a little cash.
  9. The best months for snapping up a deal in Greece are March, April, May, October, and November. Keep in mind that the beaches in Greece are best for swimming and sunbathing from late-May to early October.
  10. Greek hotels usually accept credit cards, but in most other places you will need cash, including restaurants, cafes, taxis, kiosks, street vendors, grocery stores and other shops.

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