10 Apps You Need When You Travel to Indonesia


Indonesia is one of the countries that use mobile networks heavily, and perhaps this is the reason for the boom in applications for smartphones. In the following lines, we put in your hands a number of travel apps that will Facilitates your visit to Indonesia.



This app helps to clarify traffic problems and very congested roads, and it offer alternative ways to scape the traffic jam. The app uses the updates that users make via their mobiles. The app is suitable for those who come to Jakarta and Bandung in particular, the most crowded area.

Grab Taxi


This app helps you easily find transportation wherever you are in the city. The app is easy to use. As soon as you click on your location on the map, and specify the place of arrival, your request will be confirmed and the app will send you the details about the driver, the car, and the time of his arrival to you, as well as the approximate fee.



By using this app you can get a new and distinctive transportation service, which is Motorcycle Taxi. You can use it to get transportation, mail parcel delivery, or even shopping. The app works using GPS, voice calls and messages, and provides its services in both Jakarta and Bali. Currently, the areas it serves are being expanded.



The app is work all over the world, which is why it is easy to find it in Indonesia. The app works in both Bali and Jakarta to make it easier to get a taxi.



One of the most important apps for food. It allows you to search for your favorite type of food, choose it and then order it from among the many restaurants that offer various types of food. You can get your food through the app while you are sitting at your location, after determining your location on the map.


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If you come to Indonesia as a visitor, you may want to activate just one app on your phone, to get some important entertainment, such as the most important nightlife places in Indonesia, the availability of tickets to concerts nearby, hotels availability, some treatment places, etc.

Experience Indonesia


This wonderful app enables you to know the most important tourist attractions, nature reserves, and parks to visit them. In addition the app offers some information about the places and special pictures of it, so that you can make a decision about visiting it.

Indonesia Flight


You can use this app to learn about ticket prices and flight schedules, and it provides you with the best offers to book from.

With Locals


This super cool app enables you to ask trusted locals for the most important advice on vacation planning in their hometown, by communicating with locals in Southeast Asia, and exploring the real Asia and its unique tourism.

 ATM Bersama


This app enables you to find out the nearest exchange office near you on the map, and the exchange rate for that day. The application also provides the most important economic and financial information and news that you can benefit from during your trip.

Things To Do in Indonesia